Every relationship goes through the honeymoon period when everything is nice and the personality of the partners seems to fit into each other perfectly. Other times the relationship goes through some rocky period. This is normal in every relationship.

Tips on How to Get Back your Ex-Girlfriend

However, if the challenging period is not handled wisely, most couples end up breaking up. After a few days apart, both partners are relaxed and can start to evaluate the disagreement objectively. It is at this moment when one sees that the breaking up was not warranted. The question is, if you are at this point in your relation, how can you get back your girlfriend?

What They Expect

In most cases, a break up is usually a punishment for something one did or did not do. Therefore, after a breakup, either partner expects the other to hurt from the heartbreak until they appreciate the value of their partner. Therefore, at this moment your girlfriend expects you to hurt until you take the initiative to contact them.

In most cases, your girlfriend will most likely ignore your text and calls. If in any case, she replies it will be a cold reply. This is in an effort to punish you more. This tendency is likely to go on until she is satisfied and either let you back or moves away for good.

How to Subconsciously Influence Her to Want You Back

• Always remember that in some way, she also wants you back. Therefore, do not be the one to contact her immediately after the breakup. This will make you vulnerable to being manipulated. Instead, behave in a manner likely to suggest that you are doing fine without her. This will be more effective because it makes her attention to shift from the reason of the break up to why you are not desperate to get her back.

• Attend to all your normal responsibilities and even go out with your friends. After some time of playing this reverse psychology game, her curiosity will get the best of her. She will most likely call you to complain something. For example, how hurt she is that you do not even care to get back together.

• If she does not call, the game has not failed as yet. Take the initiative and call her. Make sure you do not come out as desperate during the conversation. Actually, make it as if you are just checking up on her. At this time you can both communicate when you are both sober. In the first conversation, make sure to avoid the subject why you had a fallout.

• After several calls and chatting, invite her out. This is the point whereby you want to establish if she has gotten to the point of talking about the breakup. It is advisable you make sure a venue is a place where you both have good memories of. For example, the restaurant where you took her out for the first time, or out for a movie to watch her favorite show or such. This helps to create a positive mood for the meeting. It also gives the two opportunities to talk about something else which is pleasing before you talk about the breakup.


During the conversation about the breakup, always be the first to apologize, even if you feel that it was not your fault. This is because an apology will help your ex-girlfriend to lower her defenses and have a productive conversation.