favourites Lesbian Haircuts: The Care and Feeding of Your Mohawk

Lesbian Haircuts: The Care and Feeding of Your Mohawk

Our good friend Jacquie is giving us some advice for the quintessential ‘Lesbian Haircuts’ and this edition is Lesbian Haircuts: The Care and Feeding of Your Mohawk.

The Care and Feeding of your Mohawk.

Guest post by Jacquie

It doesn’t matter what length your mohawk is, a great shampoo and conditioner are key. Yes! Conditioner too! 2 in 1’s Do Not Count.

Is your ‘hawk bleached and/or coloured? Do your sides have the ‘traditional’ shaved length? You can’t be biking to work, weeding the communal garden or sitting out in the sun with a glass of wine without protecting any exposed skin and fragile ends. Proper products really matter.

Don’t worry though!You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on them.

Ask your stylist what she/he recommends and if their product lines are going to take too big a bite out of your budget, have them write down the names of their suggestions then go to your preferred drug store. (I like Winners or Shoppers. They often have lots of discount salon brand products). That pretty lady behind the beauty counter can recommend similar products that aren’t going to lighten the wallet quite so much.Now you’ve got the ‘do, the right products, have fun! wear it up, down, messy, whatever feels good.

Most of all Rock That Mohawk

And if your holding a cheap pair of clippers in your hand, standing in front of the mirror, thinking ‘I can do this, it can’t be that hard’, stop. Put the clippers down, grab your girlfriend’s hand and walk to the nearest salon. Whatever you end up with, it wont be pretty. Trust me. I’m a hairstylist.

Got questions for Jacquie? Contact us or connect with her on Facebook.

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