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 Lesbro Scott

What makes Scott our lesbro? Simple – he fucking rules!!!! He has the kindest heart and we fell in love with him the moment we met him, which was when were his guests on The Unknown Studio’s podcast.

Name: Scott C. Bourgeois
Twitter: @scottybomb – The main site for Edmonton’s awesome talk-show podcast, The Unknown Studio.

What do you do for work?

I have done many things in my day. Currently, I am a journalist, working for Corus Radio Edmonton.

Tell us a bit about yourself.  

Well, I’m originally from St. Albert – but that counts as Edmonton. I’ve been involved in the theatre community somewhat for some 15 or so years (to date), and have actually co-written an award nominated play. I went to the UofA to study English, which eventually segued into journalism. In my time I’ve also had things I’ve written get published, cartoons I’ve drawn have stirred up controversy, and I’ve eaten significant amounts of steak.

What is something unique about you?

I like to think everything about me is pretty unique… but that’s kind of a cop out. Uh. I can fold my thumb backward over my knuckles. Yeah. Don’t think many people can do that!

What are your hobbies?

  • Being opinionated.
  • Drawing – something I haven’t been able to indulge much in recent years.
  • Gaming. And not the video kind. But also the video kind.

What are your passions?

  • Meeting interesting people, and learning about them and the things they do.
  • Hedgehogs.
  • Gaming. And not the video kind. But also the video kind.

Do you consider yourself to be a “feminist”? (Why or why not?)

If by “feminist” you mean “someone who thinks women should be treated in all ways like human beings of equal worth to men, because they don’t think gender is an inherent indicator of intelligence, merit, character or skill” then… yes?

You are often outspoken on feminine rights.  Why would you say that you are?

Injustice gets my goat, no matter who it’s directed at. As far as I’m concerned, the very least you can do is speak up, draw attention to the problem, and show your support.

 What attitudes need to change in regards to Women and Women’s rights?

There’s still a lot of belief – coming from many different places – that there’s a role women play in society. That’s a very medieval sort of misogyny that shouldn’t even need to be debunked anymore, because it’s absurd. Women (and men, for that matter) can fill any role if they are committed and competent. A woman’s “place” is wherever she damn well wants it to be.

What does your wife think about you being a lesbro?

My wife couldn’t be happier. She wishes she could be a Lesbro, too!

Why do you wear the LESBRO badge with honour?

Because it was a gift from you guys, and you guys rock. 🙂

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