Life A Lesbian Haircut? A Dyke Haircut?

A “Lesbian Haircut” or “Dyke Haircut”?

“What would posses you to do that ….* deep breath* … to your hair? or “What does it mean? It means something?”  Um…. it actually doesn’t mean anything, mom. “Is it a lesbian hair cut?”

This was the conversation I had with my mom last year when I shaved the left side of my head; and, every time I trimmed it.

Why did I do it? I don’t know. No, really. I have long hair and I’m rather attached to it. However, around this time last year I was wanting to do something different. Cutting it short? Not an option. I love long hair but I wanted something else, something  new.

So, I started off by trimming up the side in a v-shape. A couple weeks later, I shaved most of it but left a small patch to cover when I was at work.

Shortly there after, I shaved the whole side.
It wasn’t a bald patch but it was more like a short, fuzzy spot. And, it still is.

I must note, I did grow it out for my brother’s wedding but shortly after, I trimmed it all up again.

Is this a lesbian haircut? Sure. Is it a straight girl hair cut? Yup. Straight girls have it. Lesbians have it. Hell, even gorgeous gay boys and dubstep djs have it.

Does that mean it’s a “Dyke Haircut” or strictly a “lesbian haircut”? Nope.

My friend, and fellow writer Ivy, was up from Calgary the other weekend and we were talking about haircuts. She said my hairstyle is more of a “straight girl” cut in Calgary.

When Terah and I were in Montreal last spring, I saw countless of uber femme ladies, butchier girls and androgynous persons with this style.

So, is this a lesbian haircut? On me, sure. Is it categorically a “Lesbian Haircut”? No. Then again, what is?

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