Life Dear Dale Schaffrick, Alberta Doesn’t Want Bigots

Dear Dale Schaffrick, Alberta Doesn’t Want Bigots

Dear Dale Schaffrick,

You were elected into your position by parents who entrust you to provide educational guidance, healthy teaching environments for students and teachers and leading by example in your own community.

If the Alberta Board of Trustees cannot even take a stand against kids who bully each other and their teachers, what kind of educational guidance are you directing our school board to take?

I am appalled and sick to my stomach to think that, as a LEADER, your solution for being bullied is for queer kids to act less gay.

Do you truly understand what your words, something I imagine you saying like it’s no big deal, implicates?

You are talking about young children and teenagers who are discovering themselves and their sexuality, and you mock them … you openly and publicly mock them, just as the bullies in their classrooms do.

Tell me then, how do you explain to an effeminate child to stop acting that way? There are many horror stories of boys being beaten at home for this very “solution”. Pray the gay away? Are you familiar with that term too? I’ve had friends who have been subjected to that and it’s disgusting abuse.

You are talking about kids who might not even understand what their sexuality is and you have basically blamed them for being bullied.

Act less gay? If only it were so easy.

Your most important job as a school board trustee is to protect our most sacred loved ones – our children.

Despite the apology you made, the damage has been done. You have vindicated the taunting, name calling and threats every bully, every homophobic parent, and every anti-gay group in our province. After all,the victim is really just asking for it. 

You might live in rural Alberta but I promise you there are queer kids in your schools, queer parents and queer teachers. Queer. Not just gay. Transgender, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, gay …. Queer.

Do you think younger kids understand what these terms are? Some might. Some might identify as one of them listed but chances are many just know they’re different. Their peers know it too and instead of encouraging individuality, embracing and discovering their beautiful uniqueness, you would suggest them to hide in the closet.

It’s a lonely place in there, Mr. Schaffrick. No child should ever have to hide who they are, let alone be shamed into doing so.

You don’t have the tenacity to provide teachers with the support and resources they need to have an inclusive classroom.

Have you no backbone to take a stand or do you actually believe it’s as easy as “acting less gay“?

Way to lead Alberta backward, Mr. Schaffrick.

Do you remember this guy?











He’s Allan Hunsperger and he ran in the last provincial election with the Wild Rose Party. He’s better known as the “Lake of Fire” guy.
He didn’t get voted in.

You know who else didn’t? Ron Leech from Calgary.
He is also with the WRP, who is also known as the “As a Caucasian I have an advantage” guy.








Alberta doesn’t want bigots running our province and we certainly don’t want bigots to be in charge of our children’s education and well being.

Step down from your position and get educated.

Want to email or call Dale Schaffrick:

Phone: 780-785-2779

Found here


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